We were struggling with finding the right answer to our Vascular Surgery Program. We had an employed solo practitioner who had run into some turf roadblocks and was struggling with a negative campaign of rumor and innuendo. Dr. Burroughs spent two days in interviews and digested all of that information, acquired outside peer review and generated a cogent plan for us. His work was a huge help to us. I highly recommend this consultant.

UnityPoint Health, St. Lukes Hospital
Richard D. Hildebrand MD, VPMA/CMO, UnityPoint Health, St. Lukes, Sioux City Iowa

I believe you have provided an excellent reality check to our project and made us improve it enough to make it practical in our healthcare environment.

Ali Alhimiri, MD, President, OPM Doctors
Ali Alhimiri, MD, President, OPM Doctors

Jon’s work is exceptional. In my experience, it’s been rare that a leader keenly understands both the culture and the business side of healthcare. Another talent that sets Jon apart is that he has the ability to inform from all points of view: physician, nurse and system. Jon is a visionary leader whose keen insights are embedded in practical reality. It’s been an honor to work with him.

Kathleen Bartholomew - Burroughs Healthcare Network
Kathleen Bartholomew, Speaker, Author and Consultant

I am fortunate to have engaged Jon as our Senior Advisor from the Greeley Company. He led our Physician Leadership Program in areas of credentialing, peer review, and complete re-write of our bylaws. He provides an excellent understanding of a changing healthcare scene with a strong clinical background. He is a friend to both the medical staff and administration.

MedStar Montgomery Medical Center
Roger Leonard, VPMA, Medstar Montgomery Hospital, Maryland

I consulted Jonathan when the need arose to revise the peer review process at Carilion New River Valley Medical Center. I found him to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, timely in execution of his accountabilities and flexible as situations came about requiring mid-course corrections. He was very responsive to the questions and challenges of the medical staff. I would definitely hire him again.

Carilion New River Valley Medical Center
Dennis E. Means, MD, VPMA, Carilion New River Valley Medical Center

Jonathan took on our toughest challenges at our hospital including credentials, relationship of physicians with administration, ED call, peer review, training physicians for leadership roles in the hospital with professionalism and enthusiasm; he was able to engage us all with skill. After each encounter with Jonathan we were all left better for it – and as a medical staff we have been able to move leaps and bounds forward. He is an amazing mentor. I recommend him without reservation for tasks big and small.

Lisa Eng, President of ACO
Lisa Eng, President of ACO