Dr Burroughs participated in the morning session of our board retreat to familiarize himself with our health system. He was engaged and contributory which then better supported his presentation in the afternoon. He affirmed, supported and challenged the health system, leadership and board of commissioners. Every member who participated stated the value and contribution Dr Burroughs provided was outstanding.

St. Tammany Parish Hospital, Covington LA, Joan Coffman, President and CEO

I want to congratulate you on a very nice presentation for AAPL.  I brought
numerous new CMOs to your course and they all came away speaking your praises. You
did a wonderful job. You provided an appropriate clinical vantage point.

Ronald N. Riner, MD President and CEO, The Riner Group


I think that one of the best compliments that I can give you is to say that you made a difference, a big difference, in the direction that many leaders within the system were heading. Your thought-provoking presentations were well received and have lit a fire under those who felt that we have plenty of time to address the issues facing our system. Hopefully, the physicians who had the privilege to hear your presentations will understand that we cannot continue to deliver health care services in the same fashion or just sit out and wait for the winds of change to die down.

In my 40 years in healthcare, Dr. Burroughs is the finest healthcare educator I have encountered.


Kevin Leahy, President and CEO Franciscan Alliance

“How to Operationalize and Contract for Population Health” with Dr. Jonathan Burroughs:

  • Well done.
  • Excellent session.
  • This was by far the best seminar I have attended at Congress. The presenter is highly engaging and his straightforward style really got my creative solution neurons working.
  • Outstanding! Best presentation on Population Health I have heard to date.
  • Very good speaker. Good grasp of content and dynamic presentation.
  • Amazing perspective and insight. It’s clear he is a visionary for the future of Healthcare.
  • Excellent presentation
  • Great job in making us think.
  • Nice overview, in a short period of time he gave some nice pragmatic steps that can be taken.
  • He had a wealth of knowledge and knew real-life examples. Great job.
  • Jon does an excellent job. His sessions are always relevant and informational.
  • Dr. Burroughs is one of your best
  • This was well worth the time and it whets my appetite for more details. Very well done.
ACHE 2018 Congress on Healthcare Leadership

Comments from “Five Proven Ways to Collaborate With Your Physicians to Reduce Operating Costs”, with Dr. Jon Burroughs and Steven Berger:

  • Great energy, credible presentation
  • Very direct and educational. Great information and very helpful.
  • Great info and session. Kept me very engaged in the session.
  • Terrific material and definitely the right actionable framework for success. Would love to participate in longer sessions (cluster) they offer
  • Great program by pairing and finance leader with a physician leader!
  • I highly valued and took extensive notes that I will use.
  • Great session, lots of good ideas
  • This was a very polished presentation excellent delivered.
  • This was a great presentation. It was easy to follow and provided practical ideas that I can implement at my locations. The speakers were informative, engaging and kept the audience’s attention.
  • Great presenters together. Content from each presenter flowed well together.
  • Great event.
  • Very applicable and great examples and showed the effects to the bottom line.
  • I’ve seen Mr. Berger speak/present at other events, and he is always engaging and informative. Dr. Burroughs was a wonderful addition to the program, and the mix of clinical and financial insight made for a balanced presentation.



ACHE 2018 Congress on Healthcare Leadership



  • This will change how I interact with physicians-engage & collaborate more.
  • We will update the inclusion of the medical staff president in the senior team meetings and have joint physician-nurse PI meeting as a result of this session.
  • We will significantly influence the re-write of our medical staff bylaws moving forward
  • We are now doing to develop new medical Staff bylaws
  • We will pay close attention to outcomes and benchmarks in more aspects of clinical medicine.
  • Dr. Burroughs is a fantastic presenter!
  • Dr. Burroughs expertly customized the material to the needs of the group.
Dr. Jonathan Burroughs
ACHE, Redesign and Operationalize Your Medical Staff for Health Reform, Educational Program 2018
  • Jon Burroughs’ knowledge base on Population Health, as well as overall new developments and trends in healthcare, are very impressive.
  • Jon has a great mastery of the current healthcare environment. He provided practical tips for moving forward. His ability to connect the dots for both the clinical and nonclinical attendees is exceptional.
  • Excellent speaker. Very knowledgeable and engaging. Appreciated the case studies.
Dr. Jonathan Burroughs
ACHE, Leading in a Changing Environment: Focus on Population Health Program, Phoenix 2018


  • The size of the seminar made it great for all of us to be engaged. The content was relevant and I walked away feeling excited about such a great seminar.
  • Great Session. Probably the best I’ve attended in years.
  • Outstanding!
  • Thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Burroughs. He did an excellent job of engaging his audience
  • This was one of the best programs that I have attended during the convention in several years. He did a great job and very relevant.
  • The speaker was fantastic. His content was very relevant and I liked the fact he presented actionable items for us to consider. Often, presenters talk around a subject but don’t provide any actionable suggestions, it was refreshing to get some this time around!
  • gave valuable examples of ideas and concepts he was discussing.
  • Favorite presenter of this year’s OHA!
  • I would like to be able to take the 12-hour course he mentioned. Teaching style is excellent
  • Probably one of the most dynamic presentations I have ever seen!
  • One of the best speakers I have ever heard.


ACHE, How to Operationalize and Contract for Population Health

I was just reflecting back to our Regional Trustee conference in Billings, MT.  On behalf of the Billings Clinic, I wish to thank you for the GREAT job you did during our Trustee conference.  Additionally, I have been through a cycle of monthly regional board meetings and ALL boards had extremely positive things to say about you and your discussion items at the conference.

Dr. Jonathan Burroughs
Vern Carda, VP Regional Operations, Billings Clinic MT

THANK YOU so much for attending and presenting at CPC. We have had so much wonderful feedback – your presentation was great! I hope to get to hear you speak again in the future.

Jana Bowman, Ambulatory & Physicia Marketing


Cerner’s Physician Community, Cerner, Kansas City MO