John J. Nance - Burroughs Healthcare Network

Quality and Patient Safety

John J. NanceQuality and Patient Safety Biography John J. Nance is one of America’s most dynamic professional speakers. He presents entertaining and pivotal programs on teamwork, risk management, motivation, coping with competition, and other topics to a wide variety of audiences. His presentation attendees include business corporations and healthcare professionals. He and fellow author Kathleen Bartholomew…

Ken E. Mack - Burroughs Healthcare Network | Ken Mack

Physician Integration and Relationship Management

Ken E. MackPhysician Integration and Relationship Management Biography Ken Mack is the President of Ken Mack and Associates in Cleveland, Ohio. He has assisted over 600 healthcare clients in a wide-range of physician integration efforts. These include joint ventures, clinical institutes, physician relationship management, employed medical groups, physician groups, LLC’s and both executive and physician…

Nathan Kaufman - Burroughs Healthcare Network

Managing Director and founder of Kaufman Strategic Advisors, LLC

Nathan KaufmanManaging Director and founder of Kaufman Strategic Advisors, LLC Biography Nathan Kaufman is the Managing Director and founder of Kaufman Strategic Advisors, LLC, an established San Diego-based consulting company. With over 30 years of experience, Nathan Kaufman is a nationally renowned expert in the areas of peak performing hospitals and physician groups, hospital strategy,…

Paul Convery - Burroughs Healthcare Network

M.D., Healthcare Consultant

Paul ConveryM.D., Healthcare Consultant Biography Dr. Paul Convery is a consultant and healthcare executive with experience in Quality and Process Improvement; Physician engagement; Physician Leadership Development and Organizational Strategy in large healthcare systems, hospitals, and medical groups. He has successfully worked with, coached and mentored multiple physician executive leaders who currently hold positions in some…

Michael R. Callahan - Burroughs Healthcare Network

JD, Esq., Healthcare Law

Michael R. CallahanJD, Esq., Healthcare Law Biography Michael R. Callahan has been a practicing health care attorney for 30 years, assisting hospital, health system and medical staff clients on a variety of healthcare legal issues. His expertise and advice include accountable care organizations, patient safety organizations, health care antitrust, HIPAA and regulatory compliance, accreditation matters,…

Chip Caldwell - Burroughs Healthcare Network

Chairman of Caldwell Butler & Associates

Chip CaldwellChairman of Caldwell Butler & Associates Biography Chip Caldwell is the Chairman of Caldwell Butler & Associates, an innovative firm specializing in the strategic deployment of strategies for improving hospital performance. His expertise includes the effective deployment of advanced methods to improve accountability, implementation, and speed of organizations. In addition, Chip Caldwell is an expert…

Steve Berger - Burroughs Healthcare Network rev3 | Steven Berger
Steven Berger

President of Healthcare Insights, LLC

Steven Berger has over 39 years of healthcare financial management experience. He is President of Healthcare Insights, LLC, which specializes in the teaching and consulting of healthcare financial management issues .

Kathleen Bartholomew - Burroughs Healthcare Network

Speaker and Consultant

Kathleen Bartholomew is an internationally known speaker and consultant who uses the power of story and her strong background in sociology to study the healthcare culture.


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